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2014 Subaru BRZ: Moving Up A Gear

by jerm on February 19, 2013 · 1 comment

2013 Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ came out in 2012 and went down well with pretty with all sports car fans. In fact, let’s not downplay the car’s fortune: BRZ was an astounding success, to the point it was named ‘Best of 2013’ at the awards and proved to be a massive success on online retailers like Car Sales. Yet Subaru decided to bring in a substitute for it. Hitting Japanese stores from spring this year, the 2014 BRZ is ready to take over.

Why change so early, one would ask? The answer is pretty straightforward. Being a car based upon performance, the BRZ will see its engine move up a gear: according to Motor Authority, the engine mounted on the brand new 2014 version will reach 230 bhp, up from the previous 197. And this alone would be enough to fire up the dreams of all the speed demons out there. Yet the improvements don’t stop here: the 18-inch alloy wheels will mount wider tires, while four piston STi brakes will also be implemented. It seems pretty safe to say now that, other than adding power to a previous model, Subaru is aiming at making control even smoother. Among the secondary tweaks, the cabin will see its seats become more comfortable.

The only bad news for the most demanding is that the BRZ won’t support a turbocharger or four-wheel drive. Yet it’s quite likely that the sheer amount of power under the bonnet will be enough to make you forget about them as you drive. Rumour has it that the 2014 Subaru BRZ will start at around £27,000 in the UK, a quite reasonable price for such a sensible boost in performance.

2013 Subaru BRZ