Welcome to SpeedFlux, a blog dedicated to cars automobile and industry automotive, featuring dream cars and hot import models.

My name is Jerm and I am a web designer / developer living on the paradise island Bali.  Like almost every guy out there, cars automobile are my addiction.

I own TechFresh Network, a small network of tech and lifestyle blogs geared towards the cool boys and girls of the internets.  SpeedFlux was born into the TechFresh network on August 3rd last year.  Our premiere article was on the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 GrandSport, posted directly after launch.  We have since collected news and photos of the coolest dream cars and import models we can find online and give them back to you in a clean, straighforward manner.

SpeedFlux may not be the know-it-all source of news automotive, and we’re not so big on technical details that may confuse you. Rather, we would like to focus on helping you feed your auto addiction and feast your eyes on the best looking (and performing) rides out there.  May we all one day drive our dream cars and share the ultimate joy together.

Anyone are welcome to contribute, and anyone can enjoy SpeedFlux without getting lost in the forever expanding industry automotive.

The Network

TechFresh Network consists of blogs on various topics such as gifts for men, tech and gadgets, digital cameras and cell phones.  We also have something for the lovely ladies out there.  Vie, my dear sister, has a blog on the latest fashion trends, and another on bridal fashion and lingerie.  TechFresh Network is the umbrella under which all our blogs are connected and distributed.  Overall our network reaches approximately a million web readers a month, and still growing thanks you to your support.

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And to contact us, you may email me directly at jerm-at-speedflux-dot-com.