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Getting To Know Liberty Automotive Protection & Warranty Services

by Stephen on January 30, 2018

Liberty Auto Warranty is a consumer-driven automotive solution service provider with more than four decades of experience behind it. It offers a range of automobile warranty coverage plans, in addition to customer assurance. In other words, Liberty Auto Warranty makes it easier to purchase auto warranty, thanks to the technology and resources the firm has. In this review article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the different offerings of the firm. Unlike other Liberty Auto Warranty reviews, this review piece would take a more unbiased approach.

Nationwide Acceptance

The company is accepted by repair shops and dealers across America. Liberty Auto Warranty pays claims to the shop directly via credit card, helping you save money and time in the process. The firm is aware that a repair shop isn’t the best place for a vehicle to be in. And it therefore tries to address the necessary repairs as soon as possible with the help of its certified master technician team. This team ensures the repair shop stands by its work. Moreover, Liberty Auto Warranty ensures the dealer or repair facility backs its work with extra warranty protection, resulting in a much smoother and worry-free experience for the car owner.

Comprehensive Coverage

Auto warranties can entail a lot of guesswork. Fortunately, Liberty Auto Warranty gets rid of them with its comprehensive coverage that’s priced competitively to fit almost any budget. The coverage plans are arrived at post the model and make of the vehicle are accounted for, with worry-free ownership and quality being at the pedestal. The auto warranty terms and options have been designed by the company’s in-house experts, and there is no cut for the middle man. Liberty Auto Warranty also offers something called “rental car program”. As per this plan, a car owner can remain seated in his car while the technicians are busy mending the vehicle’s shortcomings.

Customer Support

Liberty Auto Warranty is available on the phone and also via email. You can get in touch with them to address all your auto warranty queries and doubts. If you’d like to have a quote for your vehicle, you can get that done for free and instantly, without having to contact customer support. The support team is available round-the-clock, so that you don’t feel stranded whenever an auto emergency strikes.

If you’d like to know more about auto warranty solutions and how Liberty Auto Warranty manages to stand out from the majority, head to for a more holistic view of things.