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Lexus Concept Car Nuaero

by Stephen on August 17, 2008 · 17 comments

Lexus Nuaero Concept From Jod Radbrink

Swedish automotive design graduate Jon Rådbrink presented a concept for a catamaran-shaped car at the Royal College of Art graduation show in London last month, called the Lexus Nuaero. The Lexus features superior aerodynamics, achieving super low-drag body by using an airfoil (wing profile) center, that blends between the nearly flat rearward tapered sides. To smoothly guide the air around the cabin, the angle of attack of the airfoil is optimized for efficiency while creating negative lift. The final design features a flowing catamaran underbody – made possible by in-wheel motors and hub-center steering – that ends in a massive venturi tunnel between the rear wheels. To me the car looks almost like another bat-mobile. I wonder if it has invisibility cloaking installed as well. 3D visualization video after the break. [Dezeen]