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Proof of French Insanity: GTbyCITROËN Concept

by jerm on October 2, 2008

We here at TechFresh Network are very much into gaming, but apparently not as much as the French are.  For which they’re taking the virtual racer “GTbyCITROËN” from the hit Playstation 3 game Gran Turismo 5 into reality.  This design has a georgeous rear-end (read: large butt) with meticulous design, claimed to create an effect of “retinal persistence”.  The idea is to make the concept car looks visually faster, with streamlined white-to-grey gradation on the body to further emphasize continuous movement.  POLYPHONY, the designers of Gran Turismo, helped co-designed this car.  Retinal persistence, all right.  [Yanko]