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Ride The Car For 40 Miles With No Fuel

by Stephen on August 18, 2008

XR3 Super Fuel Efficient Hybrid Car

The XR3 Hybrid is a two-passenger plug-in hybrid that is very efficient on fuel consumptions. The design of the XR3 Hybrid focuses on existing technologies and a vehicle “personality” that makes conserving energy a fun driving experience. The XR3 plug-in hybrid enables you to drive on battery power alone on trips of about 40 miles. And when both the diesel and the battery-electric systems are used together, and the car is driven conservatively, fuel economy increases to over 200-mpg. Fuel economy is about 125-mpg on diesel power alone. It’s perfect for a scenario where we had to rely solely on electric. This vehicle can still take us to places. It is available for as much as $25,000, and currently up for order. [RQRiley]