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Tips and Advice for Getting Your Car Serviced for the First Time

by jerm on July 19, 2013 · 1 comment

Before heading to the service station with your car, it’s important to understand what will happen at the first visit. To keep your car compliant with warranty for the full term, the car needs to be regularly serviced, but the service, repairs and maintenance at each visit varies based on the manufacturer’s checklist.

The best way to understand the car’s maintenance schedule is to use the car’s service manual. It will detail the schedule for tyre, oil and filter changes. The important safety concerns will be addressed at each visit, but not everything needs to be done at every dealership visit.

Warranty Coverage
Understand what the warranty covers and what it does not cover. This is essential for each visit because often the dealership wants to sell parts and service. A knowledgeable customer will understand that not everything is required. Mechanical problems are often covered under warranty for three years or 30,000 miles. The warranty does not cover routine maintenance like filter changes, tyre rotation and brake service because of normal driving wear.

A car owner could save money by having routine maintenance done outside the dealership, and on a schedule recommended by the car’s manufacturer manual. Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on routine maintenance done by the dealership, the owner could save by shopping for deals on oil changes, tyre rotations and routine filter changes.

Scheduling a Visit
Call around to a few dealerships in the area to get quotes on car servicing available at Bristol Street Motors. Once you find a low quote, make the appointment. During the phone call, note the person’s name who provided the quote. Take the service manual with you to compare what is required at certain miles and what is not. Dealerships work on commission. It’s important during the first visit that the technician come and discuss any problems with you. He or she should inquire about any problems with the vehicle before the maintenance begins.

At the Visit
If the technician or the dealership makes you uncomfortable by pushing for services and maintenance you don’t believe is required, you should have them remove your vehicle from the garage. Based on the owner’s manual and car maintenance recommendations, you should be the one dictating the service you would like performed. Especially, when you are paying for the maintenance.

Second Opinion
It can be time-consuming, but finding the right dealership will save you trouble and headaches in the long run. The right dealership will never push for services or try to scare you into getting work done that you don’t need. Never be afraid to leave the dealership and find another that makes you more comfortable. If you find a good garage it is always best to stick with them. That way you can build up a good relationship and use them for more services such as an MOT available at Bristol Street Motors.