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What to Look for in a Motorcycle Insurance Company

by jerm on December 18, 2013

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According to the World Health Organization’s Global status report on road safety 2013, there were 1.24M recorded road-related deaths in 2010, world-wide. The report further states that 23% of these traffic-related deaths involved motorcycles. Being aware of the high number of motorcycle accidents which occur every year; this should be reason enough for you to get motorcycle insurance if you’re riding a 2-wheeler.

Riding a motorcycle is characteristically hazardous. However, there are still several people who crave the thrill of riding a motorbike. Unfortunately, it’s not as thrilling when you go flying off your bike and end up in the hospital. It’s not only your health that is affected, but your finances will be as well.

Purchasing motorcycle insurance will help save on expenses should you be in an accident. However, like purchasing other types of insurance, you should shop around and avoid going with the first motorcycle insurance company you deal with.

There are several factors to consider when looking for a trustworthy motorcycle insurance company that will give you the best deal. Read on to get a few ideas.

  1. Type of motorcycle: First thing to do when looking for an insurance provider is to ask them if they cover the bike you wish to insure. If they don’t cover the specific bike you have, then there’s no point in going any further.
  2. Coverage: Determine what type of cover you need. Make sure the insurance company explains the cover in detail, or answers any questions you may have. If they are cagey or brush off your questions, then it’s safe to say they are not reputable insurers. Most, if not all, motorbike insurance companies cover for damages to your bike, bodily injuries to other parties, medical bills for rider’s injuries, total and collision coverage.
  3. Availability of online insurance quotes and agents: The internet is abundant with information on motorcycle insurance, including websites of companies which offer these services. Thoroughly research a number of these sites to experiment with their online insurance quotes to see which one offers the best deal. Before doing this, you will need to gather info on your bike model, any additional drivers, and any safety devices you are using on your bike. There’s a chance you could get a discount if the insurance agent realises that you have taken extra steps to avoid risks.
  4. Price comparison: Now that you have access to online quotes; it’s time to compare prices. However, be sure that you are comparing insurance quotes based on the exact details you entered, as something as simple as your bike model can increase or decrease your insurance rates. When comparing online quotes, keep in mind that the lowest price doesn’t always mean it’s the best option. Check the finer details, what the cover includes, any excess fees etc.
  5. Company history: The longer a company has been in business, the more likelihood of them being trustworthy is higher. After all, the establishment wouldn’t last long if their clients felt that the service wasn’t commendable and the coverage was insufficient. There are several reliable motorcycle insurance companies like Dairy Cycle, Famous Insurance, and Bennetts.

Getting motorcycle insurance is a must; even mandatory in most states; and rightly so. You may feel it’s an added expense but if you do happen to cause an accident or be injured in one, the cost of paying your insurance excess fees will be a lot lower than buying a new bike, fixing someone else’s vehicle, or paying medical expenses.